Onboard Fire Suppression systems

NTTRacing® supplies and services the SPA range of FIA approved onboard fire suppression systems. This range has been specifically designed for use in competition vehicles. SPA have re-engineered the complete range of AFFF fire extinguishers to offer a high margin of safety, improved flow rates, improved nozzle automation and faster fire out times.

An automatic feature is also now available for some models, which under certain cockpit temperatures will automatically trigger the system. The automatic feature is purely a backup feature that offers further peace of mind should the vehicle be unattended or manual operation is not possible. This feature is only available on models marked “Automatic” and is in comparison to manual operation where either the electrical switch or mechanical valve will be the standard method of operating the fire suppression system. 

The FIA homologation fire extinguishers are tested while observed by FIA to ensure they meet FIA standards.


When purchasing an SPA fire suppression system you can be confident that these have been rigorously tested to fully conform to the latest FIA regulations for competition vehicles.

NTTRacing® also carries a comprehensive range of spare parts to suit the Firesense systems, and can deliver full servicing across the range of systems available in Australia. For more information contact us.

onboard fire suppression system